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Experience a Simply Connected Home™ in DFW

November 23, 2020

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When you invest in a Riverside Homebuilders house, you’re trusting the experts in new-construction homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. So when the time came to incorporate pre-wired smart home technology into our new builds, we knew what we had to do: trust the experts. That’s where our partnership with NIX began. 

NIX, based in Fort Worth, has been a leader in providing top-quality, custom home services and products since 1983. They’re dedicated to making the process to achieve your smart home as simple as possible—and we share that dedication. So it was a no-brainer to work with NIX and have them set every Riverside buyer up with the opportunity to create the ultimate smart home system, which we call a Simply Connected Home™. Each Riverside home comes standard with a basic package that can be expanded to customize your system however you want it. With such an advanced smart home technology offering, we understand you might have some questions. We’ve answered a few below. 

Why do I need a smart home?

Utilizing smart home technology opens homeowners up to a world of automation, safety enhancements, improved efficiency and a myriad of other benefits. NIX’s smart home systems connect every compatible device in your home on one network that can be controlled by you. That means you have the power to unlock your front door from states away to let the house sitter in. It means you can adjust the temperature in your bedroom from your living room on a chilly winter evening. It means you can automate your home’s lights to turn on or off in conjunction with your garage door opening and closing. It means you can run the dishwasher you forgot to start after you’ve left the house. The possibilities are truly endless. 

What smart-home devices are available?

Through our NIX partnership, you can go as basic or complex as you wish. The device lineup currently includes video doorbells, interior and exterior security cameras, smart lighting, intelligent sprinkler control, garage door control, wireless motion detectors, glass break detectors, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, wireless stove and grill guard, wireless gun motion detector and more. 

What’s the set-up process like?

Because NIX is hard at work wiring your home and providing panels and equipment before closing, your Riverside Simply Connected Home™ smart system is ready to be customized the day you move in. After closing, homeowners will schedule an activation appointment so a representative can come to your home, set up your system, go over packages and popular uses, establish codes and passwords and run through how your system works. They’ll go into as much or as little detail as you need, and educate you on what your system can do now and what it can do if you choose to expand it down the road. 

What happens when something isn’t working?

Through this exclusive partnership, NIX is the point of contact for warranty requests, issues with any devices or advice on programming ideas and capabilities. 

How can I get started on buying my smart home?

NIX might be the experts on making smart home integrations simple, but we’re the experts on making home buying in DFW simple. We’ve been building high-quality and tech-savvy homes since 2013 and we’re ready to get you in your dream home today. Whether you want a quick move-in option or are looking to build in one of our new-home communities, contact Riverside Homebuilders to get started.  

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