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Stay Connected with Your Smart Home

April 16, 2019

You look at your smartphone to see who is at the front door of your home while you’re sitting in your office. You need help with a leaky faucet and your hub shows you a how-to video that explains it all. When the kids are curious about a pop-up on the computer screen, the site is automatically blocked to prevent malware. And when a sensor goes off by your garage, you can rule out any furry creatures as the trigger. These are some of the ways that Riverside Homebuilders makes it simple to stay connected with your smart home. 

When we say our homes are “move-in ready”, we mean it. It’s not just the construction and the appliances that are waiting for you. We include everything you need to take advantage of the smart technology in today’s new homes. Riverside Homebuilders partnered with ROVA to make sure your home is ready with reliable Wi-Fi coverage, smart home management, and wireless security. The “Simply Connected” Home means you don’t need to source installation and services on your own. You can avoid waiting around until the technician shows up to do the wiring. And you don’t skip all the countless hours spent comparing one system to the next, reading reviews and trying to decide on the best choice.

We’ve handled it all for you.

Your home is pre-wired in the ceilings and behind the walls. You can connect your devices and start using your apps immediately—and not with just standard cabling, but high-grade Cat5e and Cat6 network cables that enable higher speed on your network. This helps your Internet speed as well as streaming videos and movies. 

The smart home system lets you connect all of your devices, with an easily accessible smart panel already installed for you. It’s easy to get your smart devices up and running: the hub, thermostat, security camera, wireless speakers, appliances, door locks, garage door opener, smoke alarm, carbon monoxide detector, baby monitor, lights, and whatever else you want to add. 

Start smart with security

One of the best benefits of a smart home system is the peace of mind it provides. Riverside Homebuilders designs and builds homes with structural integrity and energy efficiency to give you comfort and safety. The Simply Connected Home adds another layer of protection.

We pre-wire your home for one outdoor surveillance cameras at the front and another in the rear of your home, plus a video doorbell, and can install those devices before you move in.

In addition to that, your home incorporates sensors that will alert you to any possible hazards. Your whole home monitoring system detects changes in smoke, carbon monoxide, and water. You’ll be instantly alerted if a window is broken or a door is being tampered with. No matter where you are, the app will notify you of anything happening at home.

The Simply Connected Home is a standard feature for our new homes. We build futures for our homeowners, and that means looking ahead to the changes that will add even more value to your home and your life. Take a look at our communities of single-family homes around the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. And remember, many of our homes are eligible for zero down payment USDA home loans, so you don’t have to postpone this great opportunity! Talk to Rachel at Riverside Homebuilders to get started the smart way.

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