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Acreage Homes: Wide, Open Spaces for Kids and Pets

December 27, 2018

The American Dream is owning a home. Picture stepping inside for the first time, to an empty home that is now yours. Box by box, you unpack and make it your own. But it’s more than the home itself that makes it special. Step into the yard and envision your children playing here, the birthday parties, and the laughter. When you have a big yard, there’s always room for fun. Acreage homes on large lots present wide, open spaces for kids and pets—and Riverside Homebuilders happens to specialize in acreage.

What would you do with a full acre surrounding your new home? With so much space, you could create a variety of outdoor living spaces. Put up a play area for the kids so they can work off that energy you wish you had. Set up lawn games, like badminton, croquet, bocce ball, cornhole, and ladder ball. Buy an oversized set of Jenga blocks, dominoes, checkers, or chess pieces and turn your backyard into one big game board!

People with pets in the family truly appreciate a nicely sized yard. One of the most frequent comments we hear from homebuyers is, “the dog will love this!” You can create a private dog park where the furry ones can run, chase toys, attack the water hose, and laze around in the sun. Set up an agility course and see who’s faster at completing it, the dog or the kids.

Don’t get cooped up.

We’re also seeing more people choosing the DFW suburbs so they can enjoy the benefits of country living. With a one-acre yard, they’re trying their hand at raising livestock. Chicken coops have become a popular trend. Fresh eggs are a great source of protein and a small chicken coop can keep you well-stocked. Chickens are low maintenance and can thrive in a small area. Experts advise 4 square feet of chicken coop space per chicken, so you can house your birds without taking up too much yard area.

Raising chickens is also a great experience for children. Giving them some basic farming duties, like remembering to feed the birds daily and gathering the eggs, teaches responsibility and helps them learn about these animals. You might even find a suitable answer for “which came first: the chicken or the egg?”

Goats and sheep have also found their way into suburban yards. Some homeowners let these “pets” graze on their lawns to save on mowing. Sheep can be shorn twice a year for their fleece, which can be sold or spun into yarn (a fun hobby that also leaves your hands feeling great because of the fleece’s natural lanolin).

One-acre communities

Riverside Homebuilders builds communities of single-family homes in suburbs around Dallas-Fort Worth. We’ve searched for locations with a variety of recreation and amenities, along with close proximity to major roadways to get in and out of DFW. We also place a priority on developing communities where we can give our homeowners spacious yards. These Riverside Homebuilders neighborhoods feature one-acre sites:

Singletree Estates, Decatur, TX. Take a video tour of this growing community of stunning, ranch-style homes, ranging from about 2,200 square feet to more than 3,000!

Hillcrest Meadows, Decatur. Come home to the scenic view of rolling hills where you can live in a serene community, but still close to shopping, recreation, and entertainment,

Colina Creek Estates, Farmersville. Think big here. The homesites range from one acre to more than three! Add in the lower property taxes, and you can truly live large here.

Rocky Ridge, Weatherford. Get out in the country, near Eagle Mountain Lake, to experience all the fresh air fun you can imagine. 

When you’re ready to spread out and live larger, check out these communities and new construction homes. Let’s talk about your lifestyle plans and the home that turns your dreams into reality.

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