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Benefits of Buying Early in a New Home Community

August 25, 2022

At Riverside Homebuilders, we’ve worked with a number of homeowners over the years to help them find their ideal community throughout the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth area—and we love getting the opportunity to be a part of this exciting time in their lives. When you make the decision to purchase a home within a new construction community, the benefits of buying early in a new community might not immediately cross your mind—but they are seemingly endless. With a few new home communities coming soon such as Aero Vista and Terra Escalante—read on to see why this might be the right time for you to jumpstart the journey to your future home.

A couple signing their contract for their new Riverside Homebuilders home being built in one of their new DFW communities.

Choose your ideal homesite

Admittedly, one of the biggest benefits you’ll have when you are looking to buy a new construction home in a community that has just begun selling is the opportunity to have the first pick of available floor plans. Within our communities, certain floor plans are assigned to specific homesites, so by getting into the community of your choice in the early phases of selling—you’ll be able to ensure that the homesite and corresponding floor plan you select are what you’re looking for before the community begins to fill up. 

Watch the resale value rise

If you are a first time homeowner in particular, you have undoubtedly had a number of conversations with a few individuals in your life about how buying a home instead of renting a home is a much better financial investment in the long run. While having this conversation might feel a bit repetitive for you—it doesn’t make it any less true. At Riverside Homebuilders, our team works day in and day out to ensure that our homeowners have a completely positive experience throughout their homebuying journey—including having a better understanding of the value that comes along with purchasing your home early in a new home community.

As soon as you finalize your decision to purchase your new construction home, that price will be locked in and your home’s resale value will begin to rise immediately. After living in your home for a few years—situations sometimes arise where you find yourself needing to look for a new place to live. So if you do decide to sell your home further down the road—you will see with your own eyes how much more your home is worth compared to some other homes in the neighborhood due to the fact that your home’s value continued to rise as the community kept developing around you. 

Be a part of something new

At Riverside Homebuilders, we’ve loved creating incredibly welcoming communities throughout the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth area—but it’s truly our homeowners who make each community such a special place to live in. If you’d like to be a part of something new and exciting within our upcoming communities—give us a call at (817) 601-6230 or fill out our online form today. 

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