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Big yards are perfect for outbuildings

April 27, 2020

Brown outbuilding with a red tractor parked in front

A big yard is a big advantage to moving outside the city. And you don’t have to go far to spread out. Many of Riverside Homebuilders’ communities of new construction, single-family homes are built on lots of one acre or more. These big yards are perfect for outbuildings, and here are some ways these homeowners are making the most of this benefit.

Home Office. Imagine you suddenly have to work remotely. You set up on the dining room table, trying desperately to tune out the noise and distractions. It’s too much, so you move to the bedroom, but that’s temporary, too. An outbuilding is a great way to expand and create a home office. Ask Riverside Homebuilders’ Rachel Morton, who has been doing this for years. It doesn’t take much to run electricity and get internet access. Before you know it, you’re in business!

Chicken Coop. Raising chickens is all the rage right now. Your eggs don’t get any fresher or better tasting than those gathered right from the henhouse (and steady production of great fertilizer is a real plus for your garden). Chickens are easy and inexpensive to raise, and a great way to get the kids involved with livestock. 

Workshop. Don’t have enough room in your home or garage for a suitable workspace? Set up outside in a shed where you can start or finish a project, or leave it safely while you make that inevitable trip to the hardware or building supply store for that one thing you couldn’t find in your workshop.

Garage. Do you have more vehicles than storage space—an extra car, boat, motorcycle, tractor, or trailer? Are you working on restoring an older classic? Convert an outbuilding into a garage to add parking or storage, and give your home’s garage a little breathing room.

She Shed. Be honest. How many of you were excited by the commercial where Cheryl’s she shed burned down and the insurance agent told her she was covered and could get a chichier she shed? Escape the house and pamper yourself in a cozy getaway for whatever you like—from diving deeply into your hobbies to simply enjoying the ambience of a space totally dedicated to you.

Man cave. Let’s give equal time to the man of the house who doesn’t have his own space either. An outbuilding can provide a place that is untouched by the other people of the house who simply don’t appreciate the artistry of that wooden lamp carved to look like leaping fish or the significance of a recliner that has spent many years shaping perfectly to your contours. 

Garden shed. Keep all of your tools and supplies in one space where it’s ok to spill dirt and splash water. Start your seedlings here, where they can grow undisturbed by curious hands and wagging dog tails. 

Barn. With a big yard, you have room to manage some livestock (according to local ordinances, of course). Provide shelter for your goats, sheep, rabbits, or horse, and keep all their feed organized and accessible.

Storage shed. Oh, yeah. Let’s not forget one of the main uses for an outbuilding! Move the bins, boxes, and cartons that are cluttering up your closets, garage, or spare room. 

How would YOU use an outbuilding if you had a yard large enough to afford using up some valuable play space?

If you’re feeling a bit cramped these days, take a look at where you could be living soon—in a brand new home with a one-acre yard or larger. Ask Rachel about the Riverside Homebuilderscommunities that offer large homesites and the freedom to add an outbuilding.

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