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Building a Sustainable Future: A Closer Look at Our Energy Efficient Features

At Riverside Homebuilders, our commitment to excellence extends beyond crafting incredible new homes in DFW—we make it our mission to provide maximum energy efficiency, sustainability and forward-thinking design for all of our homeowners. As an ENERGY STAR-certified homebuilder in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we’re proud to provide the best in new-construction homes with eco-conscious features to ensure that our homes are not only built to last—but also engineered to elevate your lifestyle. From our spray foam insulation to our HVAC systems, read below as we proudly highlight our unwavering focus on energy efficiency—a cornerstone of our homebuilding philosophy. 

Spray foam insulation

When it comes to insulation, innovation is key, which is exactly why Riverside Homebuilders is proud to incorporate advanced spray foam insulation as a pivotal element in our ENERGY STAR-certified homes. This cutting-edge insulation technique ensures superior thermal performance by creating a continuous, airtight barrier that effectively minimizes heat transfer. By preventing air leakage and moisture intrusion, spray foam insulation contributes significantly to controlling heating and cooling costs. Our commitment to sustainability is exemplified in every square foot of our homes, with spray foam insulation playing a crucial role in creating an energy-efficient environment for all of our homeowners. 

Efficient HVAC system

Riverside Homebuilders leverages smart structures and state-of-the-art technology to construct homes that go beyond conventional standards. Our HVAC systems, tailored for efficiency, work in tandem with advanced foam encapsulation in exterior walls and roof decking to control air and moisture. This comprehensive approach not only lowers energy consumption—but also ensures a consistent thermal break, minimizing the need for excess heating or cooling, which reflects in your lowered bills. 

Top-rated appliances and materials

Our commitment to energy efficiency extends beyond the architectural framework of our homes. Riverside Homebuilders integrates forward-thinking appliances and materials to maximize savings and minimize environmental impact. Low-E windows reduce energy costs by insulating and reflecting heat, while LED bulbs consume significantly less energy and boast a longer lifespan. Programmable thermostats and ENERGY STAR appliances further contribute to reducing wasted energy, marking just the beginning of our comprehensive energy-efficient practices.

Homes built for the future

Choosing Riverside Homebuilders is not just a decision for the present—it's an investment in a sustainable future. Our homes are designed to use fewer resources, ensuring immediate returns on your investment. With estimates suggesting at least a 20% reduction in utility bills through energy efficiency measures, Riverside Homebuilders aims to surpass expectations. Our ENERGY STAR-certified homes set a higher standard, offering families in DFW the opportunity to build lasting memories in beautiful homes designed with the future in mind.

If you’re ready to start your journey towards an eco-friendly, gorgeous new home in DFW—Riverside Homebuilders is the builder you can trust. For a closer look at the high-quality designs and layouts we have to offer, be sure to browse through our quick move-ins and tight-knit communities throughout DFW—and give us a call today at (817) 601-6230 or contact us online for more information.

Let us be your

At Riverside Homebuilders, our goal is to make your journey to owning your dream home as enjoyable as possible. Buying and building your new home is exciting and you should get to enjoy watching your home become a reality. Home is where your story begins.

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