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Clint Shipley: A Family Man

June 29, 2020

Three photo collage. Photo on top left is of Clint and his 3 kids. Photo on bottom right is of Clint and his two sons. Photo on right is of Clint and his son in his football uniform.

“End the day green.” That was Clint Shipley’s goal before he logged off each night as a sales person and he attributes that same motivation to his success today. 

It is a reference to his old HTC phone that tracked missed calls in red but changed the hue to green once you returned them. This made it easy to ensure he followed up with clients and never missed a new lead. Of course, this kept him busy too, which made it essential to work for a family-focused business like Riverside Homebuilders

Shipley already had exposure to the home builder world with a stint at Palm Harbor Homes in Denton, but the long hours kept him away from his family and off the sidelines where he would have liked to coach his two young sons. 

So when the opportunity arose to join LongTide Properties -- which is now Riverside Homebuilders -- he jumped and after 13 years and one month he now serves as the Vice President of Sales. 

Shipley started in frontline sales when LongTide Properties was buying foreclosed homes. Soon, they were growing fast enough they needed to start selling and he offered to go to realtor school too. He also worked in advertising and as a general contractor for spec homes in the field along the way.

“There’s never been an obstacle we can’t overcome here,” Shipley said. “That’s what led to our growth. A can-do attitude from top-to-bottom.”

As a result, Riverside Homebuilders closed a record 462 homes last year and is on pace to surpass that number in 2020. That makes for more than 1,800 home sales since Riverside Homebuilders was officially started in 2013. 

Shipley’s sons are older now, with the eldest going to business school and on a possible track to work together in the future. The youngest is headed into his senior year of high school as a dual-sport athlete with a happy father on the sidelines.

And Shipley has a job he loves where he can influence his younger coworkers as they advance their careers at Riverside Homebuilders. 

“I’ve grown a lot within this company and I love that I have the ability to help and impact others within their career,” Shipley said. “Seeing the personal impact, how they’ve changed and the financial impact as well is so rewarding.”

Shipley and his sales team take pride in their ability to create this same family-driven atmosphere while you search for your dream home. Shop by city or school district for new homes in Dallas-Fort Worth. Contact us to schedule a private tour of an open house or visit one of our quick move-in homes. You can also reach us with a call or text message to (817) 601-6230.

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