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Creating Your Retreat: Ideas for Master Suite Design

October 19, 2018

The open concept is designed to bring everyone together. This wall-free zone connects the kitchen, living room, and dining room, so that togetherness isn’t interrupted. When you want to have your quiet time, you probably head to your bedroom—that haven from the household activity. For creating your restful retreat, Riverside Homebuilders has ideas for master suite design that give you the experience you’ve earned.

The master bedroom has grown into a suite—a combination of the bedroom, bathroom, and closet. Your goal with designing your master suite is to make the most of these spaces to gain the comfort and relaxation you want.

Let’s start with the master bedroom. What energy do you want to create in here? A quiet getaway or a vibrant reminder of your passion for color? Are you a rustic type or classically modern? Minimalist or maximalist?

Use those answers to guide your design, and apply some of these tips and tricks:

  • Create an accent wall. Paint it in a contrasting color or apply wallpaper.
  • Customize the headboard. Your bed is the focal point in the room, so make sure the headboard adds a design impact. If you don't have a headboard, go faux: design something on the wall, with wallpaper, paint, wood, tiles, or whatever inspires you.
  • Extend the height. A tray ceiling makes the room look larger.
  • Play with lighting. Add an interesting chandelier in place of the overhead light. If you have a ceiling fan, look for blades and lights that better reflector style. Add sconces behind the bed. Most importantly, install dimmer switches!
  • Keep your windows at bay. Bay windows extend the space in your bedroom and allow you to put together a light-filled sitting area.

The master bathroom is the pièce de resistance in a master suite. Elevating this space to a spa isn’t difficult and will reward you every day for years to come.

  • Expand your shower. Add more space so you don't feel cramped and uncomfortable in what should be a relaxing experience. Riverside Homebuilders includes oversized showers as a standard feature in our master baths. Upgrading to a frameless shower allows to blend nicely into the space.
  • Let it rain. A rainfall showerhead splashes you with a gentle spray of water that can be far more relaxing than a pummeling jet.
  • Walk into your tub. If you like the soothing feel of a long soak in the tub, but it's difficulty to get in an out, add a walk-in tub.
  • Get the right height on your vanity. The standard bathroom vanities are lower than the counter height in your kitchen. Why? Because builders need allow for children using the bathroom. But that isn't the case in the master bath. Opt for a comfort height vanity of 36 inches, which is 4 inches higher than the standard, and equivalent to a kitchen counter height.
  • Granite is a must. Instead of solid surface or cultured marble, choose a granite countertop in your master bath. It shouldn’t even be an option (at Riverside Homebuilders, we include this in your standard package).
  • Pay attention to the sink and faucet. You can really infuse a spa-like feel in your master bath by choosing intriguing plumbing fixtures. A vessel sink with a waterfall faucet, for example, will truly distinguish your bathroom.
  • Customize the tile surround. Tile makes perfect sense in your bathroom. But you can transform the sensible choice into a stylish one by getting creative with the tub and shower surrounds. Blend it with the floor tile or try something more artsy.
  • Frame the mirrors. While it’s nice to have a frameless shower, bathroom mirrors don’t reflect the same reality. A framed mirror is a style element. Choose the color and frame style that shows off your design style. Then stand back and enjoy the view.

The master closet isn’t just a place to stash your wardrobe and other things that belong out of sight. Put thought into how you use it, so the closet lives up to your suite expectations.

  • Is it big enough? A walk-in closet can be as small as, well, a closet, or as spacious as a small room. What do you need in order to have a bedroom closet that doesn't frustrate you? Have you ever heard anyone complain, "My bedroom is just too big"?
  • Invest in organization. Add shelves and drawers to your walk-in closet so you can more easily find your accessories and shoes. Otherwise, these items become shoved in a space where they are hard to find. We make closet organization even better by including wood shelves in our closets.
  • Carpet, please. No matter what you choose for flooring in your master bedroom and bath, carpet is the best choice for closets. It's comfortable on your feet and quieter than hardwood or tile.
  • Light it properly. Many closets are dark spaces. Incorporate task lighting in areas like your accessories. An inexpensive, touch-activated light is a smart addition here.

A local homebuilder, Riverside Homebuilders designs home with the homeowners in mind. Our floor plans feature a pleasing array of standard features so you don’t have to choose one upgrade after another to get the quality and style you expect (and deserve) in a suite. We build new homes and communities in North Texas. Browse our new homes for sale near Dallas-Fort Worth, spanning 1,500 to more than 3,200 square feet. Then contact us and we can help you find that “suite” spot.

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