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Home Design Trends in 2021

January 20, 2021

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The extra hours at home in 2020 gave many Dallas-Fort Worth families a chance to really evaluate how their homes were fitting their needs. Did they facilitate remote work? Was there room to spread out? Were they actively working to keep us safe? 

And whether those answers led to DIY projects or dreams of a new home, they had a big effect on the trends we are seeing now across the industry. The Riverside Homebuilders design team reviewed some of the top 2021 home design trends we expect to see in new homes in DFW below. 

Quiet Spaces

After years of open floor plans gaining traction, we saw a dramatic shift back toward isolated spaces. This meant more home offices or studys with a door where students could focus on virtual classes and adults could take work calls. This space becomes even more valuable if there are multiple people trying to conduct business at the same time.

Riverside Homebuilders saw families handle this in a few different ways in 2020, but by the end of the year it became one of the top requests from buyers. Some chose to dedicate a front flex room or spare bedroom as an office. A few opted for loft space too. The top priority should be finding space away from distractions.

Bigger Kitchens and Bathrooms

The National Kitchen & Bath Association released a comprehensive report at the end of the year that focused on the changes they saw in those two high-traffic areas. 

First, they found that designers are continuing to trend toward a more modern and organic kitchen style that adds some extra versatility to the space. This included more open-space concepts and multi-season outdoor living spaces as well as larger kitchen islands. 

They also found that quartz has become the most popular material for countertops because it is easy to clean and non-porous which helps to prevent the growth of mold. Similarly, builders are incorporating more copper, brass and bronze fittings for their natural antimicrobial properties.

In bathrooms, homeowners are asking for large, freestanding showers that allow for accessible entry. Other top trends included hands-free faucets and bidets.

Better Air Filtration

Collectively, we learned a lot about the importance of indoor air quality in 2020 so it makes sense that this is a big focus for DFW families as they search for a new home. The Environmental Protection Agency found that indoor air can be up to five times worse than the air we breathe outside and the allergens involved can cause an array of issues from headaches to asthma if left untreated.

Riverside Homebuilders combats this with state-of-the-art ventilation and air filtration to keep you breathing easy no matter what the weather brings. We also carefully select design components like carpets, cabinets and paints that have fewer volatile organic compounds so your home is safer from the start.

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