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Our Partnership with HomeTeam Pest Defense

January 21, 2022

There may be instances where you look through a number of new-home construction companies and wonder what it is about them that makes them different from any other builder you see. At Riverside Homebuilders, we’ve taken up that challenge and have sought out different business opportunities over the years to ensure that once new homeowners start working with our team—the answer is obvious. Now, after our newest partnership brought their product to our attention, we knew that our customers were going to want to hear more about it.

HomeTeam Pest Defense partners with Riverside Homebuilders to provide pest control to Riverside homebuyers.

The partnership

In October of 2021, Caleb Cowart, Regional Builder Sales Manager at HomeTeam Pest Defense completely sold us on their built-in pest control service—and only four months later, we can already tell that it was an incredible partnership to walk into.

“[Riverside] saves money, they get a smooth operation, they get the largest pest control company that works with homebuilders in North America—the third largest pest control company in general—they get pricing guarantees and they get scheduling efficiencies and value,” Cowart said. 

And that good fortune directly translates over to our own clients at Riverside Homebuilders. 

The service

In order to have remained the third largest pest control company in North America for over a decade, HomeTeam Pest Defense needed to ensure that the product they were selling to builders across the nation truly worked. So what is built-in pest control?

It’s a network of polyethylene tubes that runs around the perimeter of all of our homes within the brick pocket cavity—essentially creating a barrier from the outside before pests can even get into the home. From the port box outside of the home, the technicians are able to easily add in the product—dispersing it into the network of laser cut micro perforated tubes around the home. 

“It’s impervious from rain, wind and sunlight,” Cowart said. “The product doesn’t break down, it keeps the house clear from bugs and there’s no pest control products in the breathable air of your home.”

The product is a standard feature in all Riverside homes, but that doesn’t mean you have to continue working with HomeTeam Pest Defense after the closing date. 

“It’s not a sales pitch, it’s not someone beating your door down trying to sign you to a two-year contract,” Cowart explained. “We don’t do contracts for homeowners with pest control service—which is unheard of in the industry—but our partnership is with Riverside, with the builders.”

If you decide a few months down the road that you’d like to start up service with them—their team will set up quarterly services with you until you tell them to stop. 

“This is the way to do it. It's customer first,” Cowart said. “We’re not going to penalize somebody and make them pay if they’re not happy with what we do. If we come out and do a service and they’re not happy, we send our guys out to do it again until they’re happy—at no charge in between their quarterly services.”

The benefit

What’s the biggest benefit to our homeowners? Simply put—it just works. At Riverside Homebuilders, we’re in the business of creating high-end homes that are perfectly suited for our customers and make their lives easier—and we’re certain that our partnership with HomeTeam Pest Defense will do just that.

With HomeTeam Pest Defense, a number of specialty brands, sub-brands and pest control companies all now owned by Rollins, Inc.—the benefits are even greater than they were when the company first started. 

“We’re the world’s largest conglomerate pest control company. You’re not just partnering with HomeTeam or even with me,” Cowart said. “You’re partnering and getting the financial backing of a multi-billion dollar company.”

Being in the early stages of our partnership with HomeTeam Pest Defense—we’re excited to see where it takes us from here. If you’re interested in learning more about how this partnership can directly benefit you or you want to learn more about the communities we build in—give us a call at (817) 601-6230 or fill out our online form today. 

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