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Planning for a Unique Thanksgiving

November 19, 2020

Two photo collage. Photo on left is of Thanksgiving dinner. Shows hands passing around bowls of food. Photo on right is of family waving at laptop while on a video call with family.

This is a year for new traditions. Maybe that means you try a few new recipes. Maybe you turn away from some of the formality to focus on your favorite appetizers and eat with the kids in front of a football game. Maybe you ditch the turkey altogether and opt for tacos.

Whatever you end up planning for a unique Thanksgiving, it is sure to be memorable and our team at Riverside Homebuilders put together some of our favorite ideas we have seen to help inspire your celebration.

Get Creative with the Menu

Whether you prefer to scroll through Pinterest and TikTok or flip through a magazine, there are tons of new recipes floating around right now. 

Consider starting the day with a trendy hot chocolate bomb or whipped coffee and then take a breather. Without the normal fanfare that comes with a large gathering, this is your chance to take a more casual approach to the day.

If your family is uninspired by turkey, think about a different main course. Chicken still fits with most of the traditional sides and a steak is always good with potatoes. Or, get more adventurous with a plant-based protein. 

This could also be the year to change the menu entirely with a baked potato bar, taco bar or chili. Consult with your family to figure out what will make the holiday more meaningful for them.

Connect with Your Loved Ones

Even if you are not physically together this year, a quick Zoom or FaceTime call can make a big difference when we are apart -- especially for grandparents and other relatives on a strict quarantine. Talk about the normal things like what you are eating and which deals you will snag on Black Friday as well as the bigger updates like how school and work are going.

If food is the big focus for your family around the holidays, you can share recipes ahead of time and enjoy them together. Some families are even planning to “set a place” for the computer to share grace and a few bites of dinner. 

For the families that play party games, programs like Jackbox, Cards Against Humanity and Houseparty give users the options to play together online. This keeps that competitive edge and creates a new group activity that can continue throughout the year.

Spend Time Outside

Taking a family walk or sitting around a fire pit is an easy way to decompress. With a little pre-planning, you could even organize some backyard Olympics with different stations and challenges.

If you plan to have a larger group with you, set up to eat outside. It lessens the risks of contact and makes for a more laid back atmosphere. Gather some of your favorite decorations and maybe project a movie if you can. 

The bottom line is, this year will be different, but that does not have to be a bad thing. Take the time to get input from each member of your group to see what would help everyone enjoy theirs and go from there. You may even find new favorite traditions along the way. 

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