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Buying a Riverside home made easier with new Opendoor partnership

September 24, 2019

Buying a new home is an exciting experience. Selling your home can be humbling and frustrating. You’ve found the perfect home but have to make the purchase contingent on selling your own. Riverside Homebuilders has the solution. Buying a Riverside home has been made easier with our new Opendoor partnership.

When you’re ready to buy your Riverside Homebuilders home, Opendoor can make a competitive cash offer on eligible homes, to buy your current home on your timeline. Forget about cleaning and staging your home for prospective buyers. You don’t need to leave at a moment’s notice for a showing. And you also avoid the added hassle of making two moves—moving out of your home to temporary housing and then waiting until the closing on your new home to move again. 

With just a few taps in the Opendoor app, the company is helping tens of thousands of consumers nationwide move into their dream home. 

“At Opendoor, we’re working to make one of life’s biggest disruptions a delightful and seamless experience,” explains Joe Parker, a Homebuilder Partnership Manager at Opendoor, which has already purchased more than 50,000 homes across the country. “Riverside customers who sell their existing home to Opendoor can avoid double mortgages and double moves, enjoy flexible closing timelines that accommodate last-minute construction changes, and don’t have to contend with the stress of getting their home show-ready. Our partnership with Riverside makes the whole process hassle and stress free for our customers.” 

How does Opendoor work?

You can get an offer on your home in 24 hours or less.Just go to to start the process.

  1. Enter your home’s zip code to ensure it’s within an active Opendoor market. They’re already active in the Dallas-Fort Worth market.
  2. Next, enter some information about the home you’re selling: total square footage, how many bedrooms and bathrooms, and other aspects, like granite countertops and wood floors.
  3. Opendoor then researches your property’s MLS history and comparable homes that have sold in your area within the past 6 months. They consider several data points to calculate the offer price.
  4. You receive an email with an easy-to-read offer presentation, as well as. contact information for a home advisor who can review the offer with you and answer questions.
  5. When you’re satisfied with Opendoor’s offer, upload the contract and use Docusign to digitally sign it. Congratulations! You just sold your home, with no worries that the sale might fall through.
  6. The closing date will be scheduled to coordinate with your Riverside Homebuilders’ closing—as soon as 14 days and as long as nine months from the Opendoor contract. You also have two days beyond your home’s closing date to move, just in case you need the added flexibility..

How much does it cost?

From the total selling price of your home, Opendoor receives a competitive fee similar to what you’d pay an agent. Period. No hidden charges. The seller saves the cost of two moves, estimated to be about 1.5% of the sale price. The seller also doesn’t need to pay for repairs or do extensive clean-up that’s involved with selling your home.

If you have a real estate agent involved, Opendoor pays a 1% referral fee if the agent is not collecting a listing commission, and you haven't requested an Opendoor offer in the last 30 days.

“We’re helping shoppers turn into buyers by eliminating the contingency of selling their existing home,” says Parker. “It’s a great feeling when you know your dream home is just a few taps away in the Opendoor app.” 

Clint Shipley, Riverside Homebuilders’ Vice President of Sales says one of the reasons the company decided to partner with Opendoor was because the contingency of selling a home can be such a barrier to a family getting the home they want.

“Our buyer is qualified and ready to move,” Clint says, “but they’re often at the mercy of another buyer who might not be as financially prepared as they are.”

So, when you remove the obstacle of selling your home, are you ready for a brand new construction home in one of Riverside Homebuilders communities in the DFW metro area? We have homes for sale that are move-in ready and others that are already under construction. Or choose the site and floor plan and let us build it for you. We have so many options for you, including communities that qualify for zero down payment. Talk to Rachel to explore the possibilities for buying your new home and selling your current home.

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