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Finding the Right Financing Options for You: Q&A With One of Our Preferred Lenders

January 10, 2023

Headshot of Donnie Walton of CrossCountry Mortgage.

As a trusted homebuilder in the DFW area, Riverside Homebuilders knows that it’s incredibly important to provide more than high-quality homes, thoughtfully-designed floor plans and beautiful communities—it’s also crucial to offer our buyers a range of financing options to make the process of purchasing a new home as smooth and stress-free as possible. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or someone who’s looking to upgrade your home for your growing family, we have the options to suit your needs and help you achieve your dream of homeownership—and one of our preferred lenders, Donnie Walton Jr., can attest to our mission. 

Read below to hear from Donnie as he breaks down our limited-time incentive offers and how they can help you purchase the home you’ve always envisioned. 

What is your relationship with Riverside Homebuilders and your background in the mortgage industry? 

I’ve been one of Riverside Homebuilders’ preferred lenders for around four years now, and it’s great to work with a homebuilder that is so willing to adapt to the evolving needs of buyers. I am a branch manager in Dallas for CrossCountry Mortgage, and I joined the industry in 2007. My extensive background in the military perfectly aligned with the attention to detail and transparent communication that is needed as a mortgage lender, and I feel like those things are more important than ever before in the homebuilding industry. 

What are you telling buyers in today's market?

The real estate market is always changing, but I will say, the last 12 months have been the most challenging throughout my career. The rates can be extremely intimidating for buyers, and we’ve had to find ways to bring that buyer confidence back, because people still deserve to find their dream home. It can be hard to keep up, and lenders and builders have to become the voice of reason—which is exactly why it’s important to offer a wide range of financing options to help adapt to the needs of buyers, whether it’s rate buydowns or money to use toward closing costs. I encourage buyers to work with a builder that is willing to offer incentives for every type of homeowner, and Riverside Homebuilders certainly meets the criteria. 

What stands out to you about Riverside Homebuilders’ financing options? 

They offer several different financing options, which can make all the difference for those looking for a new home. Every buyer's situation is different, and when you combine that with the changing landscape of the market, it’s so important to give your buyers an array of choices and make them feel confident and comfortable in purchasing their new home. I haven’t seen many other builders that are offering nearly as many incentives, and these special offers can add up to an incredible amount of savings. 

Can you explain the special offers that Riverside is offering through CrossCountry Mortgage? How can they help buyers?

The incentives are so significant because they give the buyer flexibility with their money, which allows us to create multiple financing options for them. They’re offering a 12k Your Way incentive, which can equal up to $12,000* that the buyer can end up using however they see best fit, whether it’s toward closing costs, prepaids or rate buydowns—which gives the buyer ways to ease into the higher rates and keep up with the likely decrease in the rates throughout the next few years. 

Additionally, using Riverside's preferred network, a buyer can save up to $25,000.* I am still waiting to see another builder come close to that, and that amount gives me so many options to create all sorts of cash flow ideas for them, like putting less money down, buying down the rate temporarily, or buying it down forever so you never have to refinance. There really are so many options for buyers when they purchase a brand-new Riverside home and use a preferred lender like myself—that’s the only way to save this much money. We work as a team to give buyers the best options out there, and there’s no better time than now to start saving. 

Find the best financing options for you

As Donnie said, there’s truly no better time than now to start saving and find the home that perfectly fits your lifestyle with Riverside Homebuilders. With an array of quick move-in homes available now throughout our sought-after communities in DFW and wonderful preferred lenders like Donnie who are ready to help you find the best financing options for you—now’s the time to make your dream of homeownership a reality. Contact Donnie and his team by visiting, and to learn more about our limited-time incentive options, don’t hesitate to call our expert sales team at (817) 601-6230 or fill out our online form—and we’ll help guide you through the entire process and get you in touch with our amazing preferred lenders who will find the best financing options for you. 

*Limited time only on available homes. Incentive package offered if using Riverside Homebuilders’ Preferred Lenders only. Contact sales for further details.

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