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How a Customer Service Software Changed the Way We Help Homeowners

December 27, 2021

The team at Riverside Homebuilders has always prioritized customer service, but it’s become even more vital while operating as a homebuilder during an unprecedented time in the industry. David Herron, Customer Service Manager, noticed that there were some areas for improvement that could advance efforts even further—which is why he recently implemented a customer service software.

A Riverside homeowner contacting customer service using Housecall Pro.

“We had some issues with scheduling,” David said. “Homeowners would make appointments for certain time frames, our technicians would drive out to meet them, and they wouldn’t be home for their scheduled appointments.” 

This problem created both dead drive time and dead appointment times for technicians, which had an impact on efficiency and wasted hours. David noticed that some of Riverside’s vendors were using field scheduling softwares, and he started researching the best option for his team. He landed on Housecall Pro, the number one-rated app for home service companies.

“It really allows us to interact with our homeowners,” David said. “Technicians will enter scheduled appointments into the app and homeowners get text notifications throughout the entire service process.” 

The software sends appointment confirmations, updates during the technician's drive to each home via GPS tracker, information about which technician will be conducting the appointment and more. It also tracks the amount of time each appointment takes, so the team can better schedule similar fixes in the future. 

Homeowners are also sent a link after each appointment with the option to review the technician and their service that day. This allows the customer service team to get accurate feedback, which they can learn from and carry into following appointments. 

“Overall, this allows us to really focus on process improvement,” David said. “We’re getting better with scheduling, coming off as more professional and really providing better customer service to our homeowners.” 

While customer service has always been a pillar of Riverside Homebuilders’ business, it’s become even more important over the last two years. 

“There are some issues out of our control right now,” David said. “Timing, material delays, labor shortages, things like that. It helped us realize even more how important the service piece of our job is, as well as keeping an open and honest line of communication with our homeowners.” 

The team at Riverside has found the investment in a field scheduling software to be well-worth the investment, especially since homeowners have given such positive feedback on the new process. Additionally, technicians are getting a little bit competitive when it comes to offering the best possible service. 

“We have a bit of a contest going to really help incentivize it all,” David said. “Every time a technician receives a four- or five-star rating from a homeowner, they get their name entered into a drawing. At the end of the month, we draw a name and that technician receives a gift card. I think it helps them see how much we appreciate their efforts and dedication to homeowners.” 

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