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A headshot of community sales manager Graeme Robertson.February 6, 2023

Meet Graeme Robertson: An Inside Look at Our Expertise

A headshot of community sales manager Graeme Robertson.For decades now, Riverside Homebuilders has been able to continue bringing high-quality, new construction homes to the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, and our achievements have largely been due to the dedication of our incredible team. Every single employee at Riverside Homebuilders is an integral part of our overall success as a company, and this philosophy is no exception when it comes to one of our phenomenal Community Sales Managers, Graeme Robertson. 

Although Graeme has been with the company for just over three months now—it feels like he’s been a part of the Riverside family forever. As a passionate, skilled Community Sales Manager in Dobbins Crossing, Oak Valley and Greenville—he is a vital part of our team as one of the main people our customers put their trust in when exploring the top-quality homes and tight-knit communities that Riverside Homebuilders boasts throughout DFW.

Graeme’s story

“I grew up in Scotland spending most of my life working with people and cars, so I’ve always had the same goal—to help people. I’ve always enjoyed the beauty of helping people and providing a comfortable, easy experience for people who are in need of guidance and support when making such a big investment, like a new home or new car,” Graeme says. “I feel like I have a purpose, and that purpose is helping people—whether that’s something as simple as helping someone with directions, or something as big as helping a family find the home they’ve always dreamed of.”

There is certainly no doubt that Graeme was always destined to be in a position where he can help others—and we’re thrilled he ended up here in Texas through his fascinating journey.

“I met my wife, who’s from Texas, when she was studying abroad in Scotland, and when she brought me to her hometown in 2017—I immediately fell in love with the area. Everybody here wants to help other people, and I truly felt at home because of that. It was so beautiful to see people care about other people, and you can say I was mesmerized by the culture. I proposed on New Year's Eve that same year, and when she asked ‘Where are we living?’—without a beat, I said Texas. Texas is where I knew I needed to be, because I knew I could reach more people and help more people.”

Graeme got into the homebuilding industry after spending a bit of time in Texas, and after running into one of our other team members, everyone immediately knew he’d fit right in with the Riverside family.

“Riverside actually came to me, another sales manager came into my office at the time, and it was funny—I’ve always been taught, as soon as you see your customer, you get up and greet them. As soon as I saw someone coming in, I got up and said hello, and we had a great conversation about sharing the passion of helping people who are needing a new home. After that, there was no question on either end—and I was beyond excited to become a part of a caring, loving team like Riverside.”

His commitment to the Riverside mission

Bringing the homebuying experience down to a personal, individual level is one of our main priorities at Riverside Homebuilders, and it’s something that Graeme has always had a natural inclination to do. He recognizes that a home is so much more than sticks, bricks and a roof over your head—it’s a sanctuary and a safe space to hold valuable, amazing memories for years to come. 

“We’re in such a blessed position. We meet so many people throughout our communities, and when you see all types of people from all different backgrounds living in harmony with such a great quality of life—you can’t even compare that feeling. Every day, when I go through my communities, I get to see people outside, checking the mail, chatting with one another, walking the sidewalks, enjoying their lives—it feels like tranquility. It’s more than a regular neighborhood with random people living in homes, it feels like one big family throughout the entire community.”

Graeme explains how he believes the power he holds as a Community Sales Manager shouldn’t be abused or overused to sell as many homes as possible—instead, it should be used to aid, encourage and support those looking for a new home. He recognizes that it’s such a huge decision to make, and the last thing a customer needs is to feel pressured or rushed.

“At Riverside, we do what’s right. We don’t pressure, we don’t look at our relationships with our buyers as transactional—we look at them as a part of the family. We take it one step at a time and guide them from start to finish, all the while getting to know them and understanding what they’re looking for. We ask about their lives, we listen to their needs, and we look at them as humans rather than buyers—and that’s the Riverside difference.”

The difference in the details

Aside from the personable buying experience that he contributes so much to, one of the main things that stands out to Graeme about Riverside Homebuilders is the quality. From the floor plan designs to the energy-efficient materials, he fully understands the level of product that Riverside upholds throughout all of our homes—and he’s incredibly honored to match these top-quality, forward-thinking homes with families throughout DFW. 

“From our most affordable homes in Greenville to our most expensive end, every single Riverside home comes with our energy-efficient materials and foam-encapsulated insulation—which is so crucial. With Riverside, it comes down to every small detail, and they don’t shrug anything off. You’re saving stress on your units, you’re improving your air quality, you’re lowering your monthly energy bills, and you’re investing in a home that is built to last. From start to finish, Riverside cares.”

Another key part of Graeme’s job is his ability to offer a range of home options for different types of buyers—and he understands this range more than anyone. 

“Between my 3 communities—Greenville, Oak Valley and Dobbins Crossing—I can reach so many different people. Greenville perfectly combines affordability and quality, while Dobbins Crossing is a secluded, one-way-in, one-way-out community for families that want more privacy. When I think of peace of quiet—I think of Dobbins Crossing. Then, Oak Valley is the hidden gem of Texas, super close to the legendary I-20. The minute you come off of Exit 501, you have shopping outlets, entertainment, gas stations, food destinations and so much more. When you get to the community, you enter heaven. It’s so wonderful, with the nearly 1-acre homesites and large range of floor plan options. Even with just my 3 communities—there’s so much I have to offer to my customers and so many people I can reach, and it’s amazing that Riverside makes that possible and that I get to be a vital part of it.”

Put your trust in our team

With a team as dedicated as the one we have at Riverside Homebuilders, Graeme explains that the main goal has always been to ensure that every individual that walks through our doors feels completely comfortable and leaves with confidence—knowing that they are working with a team who truly cares about building high-quality, innovative homes for all types of homeowners. 

“I’m proud to work for a builder that does so much more than build homes—we build relationships and memorable, passionate experiences for all of our customers. From the concrete and the framework and the finishes and every step in between—every single thing we do leads to a bigger picture and has so much meaning. That reward of taking the sign out of the yard and seeing my customers’ eyes light up—that warm, fuzzy feeling is something I still get to this day. Moments like those make me truly believe that everything in my life has led me to this point here at Riverside Homebuilders, and I am so excited to come to work every day and meet such amazing people and provide the best experience possible.”

Graeme's strong commitment to providing outstanding customer service has made him a valuable member of the Riverside Homebuilders team. He's always eager to lend a hand and offer his expertise, and his passion for helping families find a home to live, grow and thrive in for years to come shines through in everything he does. Whether you're looking for a starter home or a home for your growing family, Graeme is the perfect example of everything our company stands for—and our entire sales team is ready to help you bring your new home vision to life.

If you’d like to work with Graeme as he guides you in finding the perfect home for you, or to learn more about the incredible new home construction communities our team at Riverside Homebuilders creates throughout the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth area—feel free to give us a call at (817) 601-6230 or fill out our online form today.

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