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Meet the Team: David Vega

November 23, 2021

David Vega pictured with his wife and child.

Providing excellent customer service has always been and will always be top-of-mind for the team at Riverside Homebuilders. To offer an unparalleled experience for our buyers, we aim to hire team members we can trust to go above and beyond for customers during the construction of their home and long after—that’s where David Vega, Customer Service Technician, comes in. 

David and his wife moved from Los Angeles to the Dallas, Texas area in 2011 to settle down and start a family. After a few years in another division of Lackland Holdings, he began working for Riverside Homebuilders. Although this was his first foray into the construction industry, it wasn’t his first customer service role. As a customer service technician, David gets to do what he loves best—work with people.  

“I got into customer service because I love people,” David said. “I’m a guy who talks a lot, I love meeting new people and I love getting to work with customers.” 

While every day is different, David’s position typically involves meeting with homeowners after they’ve submitted a request, fixing issues, supervising maintenance and coordinating communication with contractors and vendors when needed. He really tries to immerse himself into the communities he works in, so residents can get to know him and trust him with their Riverside homes. 

“My job lets me get to know lots of homeowners, and they always know when I’m in the neighborhood,” David says. “They’ll text me to stop by and say hello when I’m around. Building relationships with homeowners is so rewarding to me, so there’s nothing better than being friendly with people I’ve helped in the past.” 

Being in a customer service role right now—especially in the homebuilding industry, which is facing delays, shortages and rising costs—isn’t always easy. But David doesn’t let that get him down. 

“There’s days where my job can be stressful, and you can’t always please everybody,” David said. “I always try to put myself in their shoes and understand where they’re coming from. I try to find something in common with them, so they will know I’m there to help them.”  

David credits so much of the appreciation he has for his job to the people he works with and the company he works for. He even gets to share the experience with his wife, Miriam, who works in the legal department of the corporate office. 

“Everybody at Riverside Homebuilders is so great, and that’s why we’re still here,” David said. “My goal in this position is to make homeowners happy, which can be challenging, but Riverside has my back. The company is honest and transparent—and I can’t wait to spend another ten years here.” 

Aside from being known as a trustworthy technician and friendly face, David is also the “tamale guy”. His mom, who works just around the corner from Riverside’s corporate office, sells fresh homemade tamales for a living. Every Friday, David is sure to pick up enough tamales to share with coworkers, homeowners and contractors. 

With so many homebuilders to choose from in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, work with the one who prioritizes customer service and satisfaction over everything. Our team members, like David, are committed to getting each job done right and ensuring that every homeowner is happy with their experience. To get started on the process of buying a Riverside home in one of our sought-after new-construction communities, give us a call at (817) 601-6230 or contact us online

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