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Our Valued Partnership with Interior Designer Cammy Hill

May 5, 2022

At Riverside Homebuilders, we understand that every step of the building and buying process is crucial for the happiness and satisfaction of our valued customers—and we wouldn’t be able to do it without all of our amazing, dedicated team members like Cammy Hill. Cammy is an interior designer here at Riverside Homebuilders, and her role is much more than developing remarkable designs in our gorgeous model homes—it’s about building relationships, making connections and creating a memorable experience that our buyers will cherish forever. Whether she’s finding the perfect combination of fabrics and colors or planning out purchase orders for the months ahead, Cammy is an essential part of our hardworking team here at Riverside—and she is constantly striving towards groundbreaking, one-of-a-kind designs in every home that she touches.

A headshot of Cammy Hill over images of model homes she staged for Riverside Hombuilders.

Originally from Wichita, Kansas, Cammy obtained her bachelor's degree in interior design from the University of North Texas. She’s had a natural passion for interior design since a young age, from designing dollhouses to making her own toys and everything in between. “Since a little girl, I’ve always had an eye for crafting designs and messing around with patterns, colors and different pieces,” Cammy explained. “I remember taking the aptitude test in middle school to see what my ideal career path could be—I got interior design and I thought about how interesting and fascinating it would be to style and decorate the inside of homes for a living.” Ever since, Cammy has become a well-known, sought-after interior designer in the DFW area, and we couldn’t be more honored to have her on our team here at Riverside Homebuilders. 

Cammy has been a subcontractor with Riverside Homebuilders since 2018, and she still continues to impress everyone around her with her unique, sophisticated and cutting-edge designs throughout our homes. “I would describe my style as modern-industrial, but with a cozy, warm and homey feel to it,” Cammy explained. “I definitely don’t like my designs to feel too rigid or cold, and I love to mix metals and chrome with different textures like leather or silk—as well as a faux brick wall or textured wall of some sort to elevate the design to the next level.” Cammy also mentioned how color is a big part of her style, whether it be earth-toned neutrals or vibrant hues. “While white can look crisp and clean, color is interesting and it adds personality to your design style, whether it be on the kitchen cabinets, in your accessories or on the walls. When color is used in the right way, it can be a powerful tool, and it makes a design stand out while remaining timeless.” 

When it comes to picking a decorating scheme, Cammy is no stranger to finding just the right design style for a particular home. “My design decisions are constantly changing, depending on wherever I’m designing at and what I see around me. I take in the location, like at Riverside I pay attention to the environment around the DFW area, and I draw inspiration from that and reflect it in my design while absorbing new trends and certain design elements that are true to my style,” Cammy stated. Whether it’s incorporating a little bit of cowboy style in the most tasteful way or adding in the perfect amount of that timeless DFW charm—Cammy knows exactly how to bring the outside in when it comes to decorating interiors. 

No two designs are exactly the same when they come from Cammy, and this is evident in all of her incredible work at Riverside. “I really appreciate the functional floor plan styles that Riverside has to offer and the creative freedom that they give me,” Cammy explained. Her role is an essential part of leaving a lasting impression on our customers when they’re touring our model homes and making a life-changing decision, and the remarkable customer experience that our buyers get to be a part of is greatly attributed to the designs from Cammy. 

Cammy has always placed emphasis on the importance of building relationships at Riverside Homebuilders, both internally and with the customers. Her average day at Riverside consists of valuable collaboration and coordination with fellow employees and different team members for a seamless interior design process—and her role is crucial for the success of our builders and business. When asked about the environment at Riverside, she describes it as “caring, genuine, hardworking and truly like a small family.” At Riverside Homebuilders, our main goal is always centered around our customers—and we know that to be a successful business, you have to care about what happens on the inside as well. 

Since our team at Riverside was first developed, we've been honored to serve families searching for new homes in the DFW area by making their dream home a reality. Quality craftsmanship and remarkable services have remained our key values and have permeated every aspect of our company and products—and team members like Cammy are the reason why we’re able to accomplish our goals and why our customers are always the happiest in the DFW area. 

If you’re wanting to get a closer look at Cammy’s amazing designs, or to find out more about what Riverside has to offer, be sure to take a look through our amazing communities and their model homes, and give us a call at (817) 601-6230 or fill out our online form today to set up a tour or for any additional information.  

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