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StrucSure - Connecting and Protecting

September 1, 2020

Photo of Tiffany Acree of StrucSure Home Warranty.

In 14 years with StrucSure Home Warranty, Tiffany Acree has reassured thousands of families as they adjust to the challenges and responsibilities of owning a new home. It is almost more of a duty than just a job for her now connecting and protecting their new investments for up to 10 years as a third-party partner for companies like Riverside Homebuilders.

You might be asking yourself, “Do I really need a 10-year warranty?” 

Best case scenario, no. If every home were perfect and the north Texas weather always did what we wanted it to do, it wouldn’t be an issue. But, Tiffany is there to anticipate the problems and offer a comprehensive 10-year warranty solution through StrucSure that hopefully gives you some peace of mind. 

“We kind of hold that builder’s feet to the fire to make sure they take care of their warranty callbacks,” Tiffany, the Senior Vice President of Sales, said. “But, if they don’t, the owner knows for sure that StrucSure Home Warranty is going to step in and take care of them.”

And unlike the warranty we offer new homeowners, the policy is tied to the home, not the buyer meaning it could cover the first three of four families that live there depending on how life works out. 

StrucSure Home Warranty’s work starts long before you find your next home. In fact, the individual home is almost more of a secondary concern for their team. Their work revolves around carefully pre-screening homebuilders like Riverside to see how long they have been around and how they have handled their business over time.

If a builder passes that rigorous testing, then they move to the next step where StrucSure examines each home as it is built and makes sure it passes each and every inspection to ensure it’s safe for new residents. Then, policies are sold straight to the builder who transfers to the property owner at closing.

“A buyer can rest assured that once that home goes under warranty, that builder has been pre-qualified with us, that home has been qualified and we wouldn’t release the closing documents until that house passes,” Tiffany said.  

StrucSure offers a variety of different warranty agreements including one-year workmanship and materials, two-year wiring, piping and ductwork and 10-year structural defect coverage on new homes. All three are available to Riverside homeowners.

The final option includes the most basic -- but also most important -- elements in your home like the load-bearing walls and partitions, load-bearing beams and load-bearing columns that keep your home functioning the way you need it to. These are all expensive fixes that could cost homeowners thousands of dollars which is why we chose to incorporate Tiffany and her team. 

To learn more about our warranty program and the other benefits of buying a Riverside home, contact us. We look forward to helping you find your dream home and keeping your family safe inside.

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