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The New Back to School Season

August 20, 2020

Father and daughter working on her homework at the dining room table

If you’re a parent in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, back to school season has probably been top-of-mind for months. Now that it’s here, how can you provide the best possible experience for your kids? How can you support the educators who have been thrown a curve ball they never would have expected? Riverside Homebuilders is here to help alleviate some of the stress that comes with a new school year amidst a global health pandemic. 

Prep the perfect space 

Although the ideal place for learning is usually in a classroom, that just might not be an option right now. Whether your child is attending in person, online or a combination of the two, a space conducive for virtual learning is an important part of every family’s home in 2020. Every situation is different, so it’s imperative that you prepare an area that takes your specific needs into consideration. 

The more children you have learning at home, the trickier the situation becomes. If you have multiple kids who can (for the most part) work in close quarters, a spare bedroom, basement or multipurpose space will be best. That way, there’s a dedicated area of your home made for learning, and boundaries can be set between school and play. But if they would thrive off of more independence, an organized space in their bedroom might do the trick—just make sure they’re not migrating to their beds or other distractions during school hours. Set clear expectations on what activities are allowed during learning time, and what can wait until later in the day. 

If parents are also working from the home alongside their kids, make sure the setup works for both children and adults in the home. Have younger children that need more supervision? A designated corner in your home office space gives them their own space to take ownership of without being out of your sight. 

If you’re a little short on space but would still like to give your child a learning area to call their own, consider adding a desk to a low-traffic hallway or an underused (but spacious) closet. 

Practice patience 

Patience will be key to the upcoming school year, both with your children and their educators. These really are unprecedented times, and people are adapting as fast as they can. If you notice that your child is struggling with a certain topic or subject, find fun ways to get them interested in it. An educational YouTube channel, a one-on-one video call with their teacher or a new game on the subject can shake things up and help them love what they’re learning. 

Let educators know when your child is responding well to things. They are learning as they go to teach in a new environment and under new circumstances—they’ll appreciate the positive feedback. 

Much like virtual learning, how you feel about your home is dependent on ever-evolving situations. If you find yourself searching for a new space to live and learn in the DFW, Riverside Homebuilders is here to help. We’ve been building in the area since 2013, and we have plenty of options for you. Whether you want one of our available quick move-in homes or to personalize your own home built in one of our sought-after communities, contact us today to get started. 

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