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Tips to Decorate Your Home for the Fall Season

September 23, 2021

2 image collage. Image on right is of patio chairs with black and white plaid cushions. Image on right is of wreath with fall colored leaves hanging on a white front door.

It’s that time of year when the weather turns cold, our collars turn up and nothing sounds better than curling up by a fire with a cozy blanket wrapped around us and a hot cup of tea in our hands. Fall has officially arrived, and you may be searching for the perfect way to get your Riverside home ready for the season. That’s why we’ve put together this list of fall trends for 2021.

Dark Tone Kitchens 

The kitchen has always been and will most likely continue to be the hub of any household. It’s the room that you inevitably spend most of your time in, and so, it should be one of the most stylish yet functional places in your home. This season, dark, earthy tones are in full force, and there’s a way to decorate your kitchen all year round with this trend.

The key is to mix springlike cottage pieces with the warm, natural colors of a fall cabin. If you already have a dark color palette in place for the majority of your kitchen space, add in lighter aspects for your kitchen table or chairs. Grey stained wood accent items are great to pair with dark brown cabinets. Mix white, cream and tans with deep browns and blacks and pair dried flowers with plenty of green foliage to effortlessly create an ideal autumn kitchen.

Personalized Vintage Finds

Throughout the past year, we’ve all spent a lot of time getting to know ourselves a little better. With that knowledge comes a perspective on home decor that’s not necessarily about following a trend but focuses on choosing items we simply gravitate toward. Shopping vintage is a great way to add incredible pieces that show off your individual style. Old picture frames, vases or vintage candlesticks are great decor that you can mix with modern pieces for a truly unique fall look. 

Lots of Layers

Adding cozy layers to your rooms isn’t a new fall trend by any means, but it’s one that comes back every year for a reason—it works. Whether your color scheme uses light or dark tones, this style works with everything. Use neutral colors for the main stage and add in warmer tones through throw pillows and blankets. Try layering a patterned rug on top of a sisal one in order to bring some more texture into the room.

Mixing Indoor and Outdoor Style

Mixing indoor style with outdoor style definitely doesn’t mean bringing your patio furniture into your living room. This trend is more about incorporating natural textures and fabrics in your overall home design. Wool and linen are two great fabrics for this as well as elements of wood and wicker. By incorporating these into your home and adding in greenery when you can, you’ll have the calming effect of nature with you in every space of your home.

At Riverside Homes, we’d love to discuss different ways of creating a home that’s perfect for you. Take some time to browse our video and photo galleries for your home inspiration. Have any questions? Give us a call at 817-601-6230 or contact us online.

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