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Protecting your investment with proper drainage

April 20, 2021

3 image collage. Image on left is of person in front of a home being constructed. Image on top right is of someone cleaning out gutters. Image on bottom right is of sprinkler running.

Homes, and especially their foundations, face a number of challenges throughout the temperamental Texas seasons. Rain and snow are the biggest culprits testing drainage systems and wearing down your home’s defenses overtime as it collects and tries to work its way inside. 

That is why Riverside Homebuilders makes careful calculations up front to control water’s flow away from the home and partners with StrucSure Home Warranty to monitor and maintain drainage systems through the extensive home warranty program. The Riverside Homebuilders team answered a few common questions below about the building process and how to protect your investment proper drainage.

What precautions does Riverside Homebuilders take?

Before we start building, Riverside Homebuilders’ experienced team examines each potential homesite to determine the best way to position a home within the natural landscape. Then, the construction team will establish grades (or sloping in the yard) and swales (low points meant to collect water)  that help to direct excess water away from the home. This process is vital to keeping foundations sturdy and damage free even in the event of heavy rainfall that may cause standing water in the yard. 

How can homeowners maintain proper drainage?

According to the home’s warranty, homeowners are responsible for cleaning and proper preservation of the grading area around the home and drainage systems. That may sound like a big task, but there are a few simple steps that homeowners can work into their regular maintenance routine like cleaning gutters and downspouts to remove any debris that could interrupt water flow. Sprinkler systems should also be checked to be sure that they are working properly and not leaking anywhere along the line.

It is also important to keep drainage in mind when planting or landscaping. Do not alter drainage patterns or the grade of the soil within 10 feet of the foundation and make sure that plants, trees, and shrubs have room to grow without touching the exterior of the home. Both these precautions will help direct water away from the home’s systems and foundation. 

Additionally, homeowners should keep a watchful eye on construction joints and cracks that form overtime. Sealing and repairing these as soon as possible will prevent bigger repairs in the future. 

When is it time for a closer inspection?

The one-year workmanship and materials warranty does cover a few rare issues that can affect concrete slab foundations with strict performance standards. One addressed separation in expansion joints and other concerns pits, depressions and unevenness in living spaces. For clarification on what drainage issues are covered by your home warranty, refer to your warranty booklet or contact us online. Homeowners can also call (817) 601-6230 or text (254) 735-3033.

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